Effect of Tip profile (on plan)

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Effect of Tip profile (on plan)

I've had a hunt around the various forums but to no avail, does anyone know what effect the various tip profiles have on how the board rides/cuts/lands etc... there are so many shapes available on the market and in the boardoff spreadsheet but in all the years I've been wakeboarding it's never been mentioned in any of the literature, been looking at kiteboards and the same thing....

By looking at them my intuition suggests the following ALL SHAPES ON PLAN:
- Flatish tip will be stable with good flow over the whole tip,
- Convex tip i.e. a tip with the centre longer than the tip edge (much longer) looks like it will be a bit more sliperly
- Concave i.e.  the tip edges longer than the centre would be more locked in, especially when adding an additional concave in the base to form a channel,
- Batwing - I'm guessing a bat-wing type tip tries to make a loosish board but can lock in when carving?

Any thoughts/ideas/experience?